Application Methods


Below you will see a display of types of embroidery used to bring your artwork to life.

Satin Fill

A very popular fill type for text. You will see in the below design visual that it has shading & lighting effects to emphasise the embroidery thread. At first it may seem that there is a border around the text, giving a 2-colour effect. This text is created with 1 colour in solid white.

Application Methods Img 1

Application Methods Img 2


Here is another example of a Satin Fill logo we have designed.

Application Methods Img 3

Application Methods Img 4

Notice the shading gives the visual a realistic effect.

This is how the design looks.

Application Methods Img 5


Design Colours

When you receive your design approval sheet, you will be able to see the details of colours your design includes on the design visual that is sent to you prior to us performing any work on your garments.

The information relating to your design colours will look like the below:

Application Methods Img 6


Outline Satin Fill

Can be applied to any location of the garment, although more suited to larger applications such as big back designs. This fill has good attention catching properties and is less invasive to the fabric properties of the garment.

Application Methods Img 7


Full Tatami Fill

Suited to small area applications, such as left chest, sleeve & other decorations.

This kind of a fill is not suited to large areas as it can degrade the garment fabric due to high number of stitches and needle punches to the fabric. This method application to large areas is also very time consuming, consumes a lot of material & will result in a more costly decoration.

Application Methods Img 8


When the above type of design (Tatami Fill) needs to be applied to a large area such as a large back embroidery, we would normally adjust the design to make it adaptable to large areas. Below is a conversion of the above that is suited to larger applications.


Application Methods Img 9



Digital Print

Digital print allows us to provide you with a very durable & cost-effective print method that can be applied to almost all garments in full colour. 

Application Methods Img 10


Vinyl Print

Vinyl print is suited to short runs in single or 2 colour designs. Vinyl has durable qualities and is very well fitted to high stretch fabrics.

 Application Methods Img 11


Screen Print

A versatile process that is used in most printing setups around the globe. We apply this method to garments requiring a high volume of garment prints. This process has an initial longer setup time. It provides the most cost-efficient printing process for large volumes.

Application Methods Img 12

Advertising vs Identity

We know you love your logo. If you have a large turnover on uniforms, it is time to maybe reinvent your print or embroidery design.

Large businesses use simple but effective decorations to keep the cost of uniforms efficient.

Unsure of what to go for?

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