Design Artwork Requirements

Below you will find the requirements for your logo and artwork quality. Due to the complicated nature of the print and embroidery process, we require your logo in a certain format so that we can print & embroider with accuracy. From time to time we need to adapt your logo or artwork the selected garment, we may need to change a curve, the height of a certain letter or make other improvements.

Camera Pictures of your logo

We understand that files are not the easiest of items to keep track of. However camera images of your logo can not be used under any circumstances. Camera images of logos do not provide us with enough detail. Even if you use or conversion service its would be very hard to replicate your logo exactly. If a camera image is all you have, we will do our best to replicate the logo if you opt in for our logo redraw service. 

JPEG, Bitmap, PNG & Raster images are not editable.

Vector, Ai, Vector & EPS files are normally sufficient.

About PDF Files

Let’s keep this simple. PDF can be thought of as box to transport files easily. That may be a word document, drawing or an image. Converting a JPEG, PNG or images alike to PDF only ensures that the JPEG or image file has been into a box for transportation. It does not change the files properties, nor does it make it editable.

If you are unsure if you have the correct file type, we can always check your file for you. Remember we offer a conversion service for your logo at a small fee of £7.99 + VAT